Side effects of dating a smoker

10-Nov-2017 20:00

Pipe Used: MM Country Gentleman Age When Smoked: New Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars in Bulk Similar Blends: Mc Clellands AM Pipe - Kind of, but more of a tribute blend.. This is my favorite Dunhill, and Dunhill's only Latakia blend that I like.It was one of my first tobaccos, and has stood the test of time magnificently.There are more complex blends, but this does give a nice variety of flavors.Some complain it's a weak sister English, and apparently miss the point that it's supposed to be an easy going morning smoke. I have to say I prefer the Murray's version to this -which was much richer in flavor - so I can only give this two and a half stars, whereas the earlier one gets three to three and a half.Sweet Oriental carefully blended with bright and red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved.

It can be an occasional through the day smoke, but not really an all day one, though I have been known to have done that.This is a blend to smoke if you just want to mindlessly enjoy a bowl of tobacco while reading or just bumming around the house. No need for fancy packing techniques, no need for constant relights, and no need to concentrate on it to try to pick out it's sublte hues. I led her off to a small hotel room where we made love with out even speaking.True to it's name, it is jut awesome in the early morning hours when you have nothing to contend with but peace and quiet - and a good mug of coffee. I'm of that generation that was brought up to believe that Dunhill tobaccos are the pinacle of pipe tobaccos. We made love many times before the morning of the next day came, i wish I could remember the number, but I lost track after 30. As she is there sleeping I got up to watch the sun rise over beautiful Saigon, with a gentle mist sweeping the rooftops that morning and I smoked a fat stogie in honor of my recent accomplishments.I looked up the date that it was first introduced to the market, and near as I can tell it was first introducted in 1912. I think that it's been so popular for so long because of its simplicity. There may or may not be some Latakia in there, but if it is it is only in trace amounts.

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Ever wonder how a blend remains a top seller for over 100 years? The color is a pleasing blend of brown and tan tobaccos, and the tin note has a nice Oriental sweetness to it.

It has a gorgeous sour and thick tin aroma and an excellent room note as well, but the flavor is just too light. s hard for me to imagine why this is as popular as it is.

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